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Bledug Kuwu is a phenomenon of crater mud (mud Volcanoes), which already occurred long before the era of Old Mataram Kingdom (732 AD-928 AD). Kuwu Bledug is one of the prime attractions in the District Grobogan, in addition to the source of eternal fire Mrapen, and Reservoir Kedungombo. Etymologically, the name comes from kuwu Bledug Java language, namely 'Bledug' which means the boom / burst and 'kuwu' which is absorbed from the word 'kuwur' which means the run / blurred / scrambled.

According to the story that circulated in the hereditary society, Bledug Kuwu occurs because of the hole that connects it with the South Sea. It is said that the hole was way back Joko dazed from the South Sea to the Kingdom of Medang Kamulan after defeating the King of Gods Cengkar which has turned into a white alligator in the South Seas. Joko dazed reputedly able to make the hole because he can be transformed into a dragon which is the condition that he be recognized as the son of Aji Saka, the ruler of the Kingdom of Medang Kamulan.


During the journey to Bledug Kuwu visitors will be treated to a very beautiful natural scenery, the green expanse of rice fields, forest areas are quite dense, and the hills are so beautiful, so the journey to this resort does not seem boring. Having arrived at the site, visitors will see the amazing natural phenomenon. In this tourist attraction, there was a bang-bang like the sound of cannon mud that ongoing regular basis, between 2 to 3 minutes, in an area with a diameter of approximately 650 meters. In fact, not infrequently, pop-pop sludge that can reach the size of houses.

Besides enjoying the beauty of Bledug Kuwu tour, visitors also can watch the villagers who make a living as a farmer from Kuwu Bledug salt. From salt water source Bledug Kuwu, salt farmers cultivate up to be table salt. Savor the taste of salt Bledug Kuwu ever recorded in the history of the Kraton Surakarta.

Location Bledug Kuwu tourist attraction located in the village Kuwu, District Kradenan, Grobogan district, Central Java Province.


Travel to the tourist Bledug Kuwu can be reached by road. From the Bus Station, Semarang, visitors can use the bus-Purwodadi majors Hyderabad at a cost of approximately USD 10,000. After reaching the Purwodadi Bus, minibus travel department can proceed with Porwodadi-Kuwu with the cost around Rp 5,000 (April 2008).

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